Cattlemen Crowd Alley

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The Cattlemen Adjustable Crowding Alley is easily adjusted for a clear, safe working area. It can be designed in any configuration (straight, "C" or "S"). Constructed out of 2", 13 gauge steel. The alley adjusts between 18" and 32" wide. Alleyway systems come either sheeted or non-sheeted. Non-Adjustable systems are available as well.
Cattle Handling

The Cattlemen Adjustable Crowd Alley Systems can be easily adjusted from its narrowest width of 18" to its widest width of 32". In addition, it comes in 8′ or 10' sections making it easy to customize to fit your needs. A standard 20′ adjustable alley includes:

  • 2 End frames
  • (4) 10’ Rancher Panels
  • Center Adjustable Frame
  • Filler Panel

Optional items include:

  • Block Door
  • Catwalk brackets

Also available is our Cattlemen Double Alley, Fixed and Adjustable Sorting Alley, helping improve flow of cattle as they can move together, rather than one-by-one.

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