EZ+ Sheep & Goat Aid

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EZ+ Sheep and Goat Aid reduces risk of the digestive and intestinal infections (scours) that compromise a lamb or kid’s health when they’re exposed to infectious organisms during the first few weeks of life.

EZ+ Sheep and Goat Aid is a scours treatment that supports and aids a lamb or kid’s natural immune system. This product helps reduce the risk of infectious scours to which lambs or kids are vulnerable in the early stages of their lives. Administer 30cc or drench using our easy to use drench bottle. (16 oz. bottle)

EZ+ Sheep and Goat Aid is:

  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • Researched and tested
  • Proven highly effective
  • Natural, safe, and easy to use
  • Water-based (liquid)

How It Works:

  • Promotes replication of good bacteria
  • Protects against harmful viruses and bacteria
  • Aids in rapid nutrient recovery
  • Aids in flushing toxins & acidic waste
  • Is rapidly absorbed
  • Aids in improving intestinal function

Product Information
Scours is a complex disease that is caused by a variety of infectious agents and conditions, and not just one single agent. In fact, almost any disease agent that attacks a lamb or kid during the first three weeks of life will result in some level of scours (diarrhea). The gut is still so immature during that period–the weakest part of the lamb or kid’s system.

Any increase in the number of organisms in the environment will simultaneously increase a lamb or kid’s exposure to scours. As disease-causing organisms pass through one animal and on to another, they become much more potent for future infections.

Immediate treatment is important for all scouring newborn lambs and kids, regardless of the cause. This is where EZ+ Sheep and Goat Aid comes in. It has been formulated to combat the agents that impair the natural intestinal function of the lamb or kid, cleansing the digestive tract, promoting the natural flora reducing infectious organisms by flushing toxins and acidic waste from body, improving gastric and intestinal functions, and providing essential nutrients for a rapid recovery.

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