EZ+ Sheep & Goat Start

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EZ+ Sheep and Goat Start supports a lamb or kid’s immune system, providing the nutrients that it needs after birth.

EZ+ Sheep and Goat Start supports a lamb or kid’s immune system, providing the essential nutrients that they need to promote healthy development immediately following birth. Administer 8cc or 2 pumps as soon as possible after birth. A feeding tube can be easily attached to the pumper for easy application.

EZ+ Start products are formulated to enhance the newborn’s start in life by targeting the specific nutrients that are absolutely fundamental. This includes the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E, the water-soluble B vitamins and vitamin C, and minerals such as selenium, zinc, and copper. These are all vital and essential elements that enhance overall immune function and are necessary for the future health and productivity of the newborn. When you realize an animal is born entirely deficient in these critical needs, it only makes sense to insure that these essentials are provided to the neonate lamb or kid with EZ+ Sheep and Goat Start.

The revolutionary process used by APT to make EZ+ Sheep and Goat Start provides zinc, organic selenium, and all the other needed essentials in a readily absorbable liquid form. These elements are vital to the proper muscle-function needed for an animal to quickly rise and nurse with strength, while also helping to avoid complications with White Muscle Disease. In addition, temporary openings in the newborn’s digestive system which allow essential antibodies to be absorbed directly into its blood stream can also allow bacteria and other disease-causing agents to be absorbed at the same time. Our innovative formulation utilizes a richly oxygenated supplement in a fluid alkaline base to provide a unique environment that inactivates disease-causing organisms, while maximizing the absorption and up-take of natural antibodies. It not only aids in the absorption of cleaner immunoglobulins, but it also limits the growth of disease-causing bacteria in the gut in the process.

EZ+ Sheep & Goat Start is:

  • Used by veterinarians
  • Proven effective from years of field use
  • Researched and tested
  • Natural, safe, and highly effective
  • Easy to use
  • Water-based (liquid)

How It Works:

  • Promotes antibody absorption
  • Aids in fighting infectious organisms
  • Causes rapid nutrient delivery
  • Supports immune system
  • Promotes desire to suckle
  • Supports newborn calf health

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